About me

I’m a software engineer at Rayark Inc., and also an independent researcher. My research interests include audio signal processing, music information retrieval, binaural audio, and machine learning.

I love making contributions on Github. Some of my most starred projects are torchnmf, an non-negative matrix factorization tool written in PyTorch, and Constant Memory WaveGlow which let you train WaveGlow vocoder in constant memory cost. I’m also the main contributor to making torchaudio.functional.lfilter differentiable.

My hobbies are music, manga, anime, and vtubers. My music taste is very broad and can be ranged from Heavy Metal, Djent, Post-Hardcore, to Happy Hardcore, Trance, Future Funk, Ani-Song, Lo-Fi, etc. I also produced some music (see my portfolio page) under the name Y.C.Y.